the 63rd AEZ | March 25-27, 2019 | University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref.)

English Presentation Award

Aims of the English Presentation Award

Recently, research presentation in English has become more important subject in the rapid progression of globalization. To promote English presentations and give opportunities for communication with international students and visiting researchers to the AEZ annual meeting, the English Presentation Award is set up in the current meeting.


The eligibility is limited to AEZ members under 40 years old who have not received PhD or who have received their PhD no more than 3 years at the time to entry.

Deadline of application

Applications for presentations: From Sunday November 25, 2018 to 17:00 (JST), Wednesday January 9, 2019.

For members who understand Japanese:

For application procedure, please visit URL:

For members who does not understand Japanese:

For application procedure, ask a person who understands Japanese or contact directly the AEZ annual meeting office through E-mail ( It is available until the deadline. You can provide the information of your presentation as follows: Names and affiliations of authors, E-mail address, Membership number, title and abstract.

Please, refer to writing style of abstract:

For speakers who are currently not AEZ members:

Membership application (including re-registration of previously withdrawn members) and payment is due until Tuesday January 9, 2018. For admission procedure, please visit:

Judgement criteria

A few judges are assigned in each session.

All presentations are judged and scored based on the quality of the research (50%) and the quality of the presentation (50%). Outstanding award and excellent award will be awarded to the first and the second placed presenters.

Presentation style

All participants need to prepare their presentations for a time slot of 15 minutes, including approximately 3 minutes for questions and discussions. Sounds of a bell will inform you about the elapsed times from the start of your presentation; the first at 10, the second at 12 and the final at 15 minutes. Please, follow strictly the instructions.

Please, visit your session room no later than 30 minutes prior to your presentation. When your precedent presentation has started, connect your PC to the projector.

Each presenter should chair the next presentation after his/her presentation. A member of the organizing committee will take the chair of the first presentation.

Please use your own laptop computer for your presentation. If you can project your presentation images to screen with normal liquid-crystal projector, PC model and software are not limited. Your laptop computer can only be connected to the projector with VGA connector (mini D-sub15 pin). Usage of HDMI is prohibited.

Please prepare a backup file formatted PDF on CD or DVD of your presentation in advance, in case anything goes wrong.

Because preview room is not provided for speakers, please check your presentation file at the session room before and after presentation hours.

Access to venues

Please see the map of access to University of Tsukuba:


Details will be announced on the website in early February.

Inquiries about registration

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Inquiries about presentation

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